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the archer. and i am going to take him down. breaking news in oakland: t city just saw it's 4-th home of the d >>> breaking news in oakland. the city just saw its fourth homicide of the day. the most recent just a few blocks away from bishop o'dowd high school in east oakland. julia goodvich in oakland. >> reporter: the suspects are still at large. it has been a deadly and chaotic day. four homicides in six hours. the latest shooting reported at 18:15 tonight -- 8:15 tonight. police searching open car port, and the entire area for the suspects at large. neighbors reported they heard 20-30 gunshots. one man is confirmed dead. this following three other homicides today, those happening within a 2-hour timespan this afternoon. police are still looking for the suspects in all of today's deadly incidents. but they are especially concentrating their efforts along north avenue where this latest shooting occurred. it is an active crime scene. at this point it's still active, certainly a lot of gun fire today, and four homicides in the past six hours. but at this point, no correlation as to wh
recent shooting happening a few blocks away from bishop high school in east oakland. juliette goodrich is in oakland tonight. juliette, looks like 2013 is coming in the way 2012 went out. >> reporter: ken, these suspects still at large. it has been a chaotic and very deadly day today in oakland. we're talking about four reported homicides in a span of six hours today. this latest deadly incident phoned in at 8:15 tonight. chopper 5 giving you some pictures above the crime scene. it happened along 94th avenue on hillside street. neighbors reported hearing 20 to 30 gunshots. police are looking for the suspects. bullet casings are found everywhere in the area. one man is confirmed dead. now, this is following three other homicides. those three homicides happening within a two-hour time period today, this afternoon. tonight, police are looking for the suspects in all of today's homicides. there have been no arrests. but they are especially concentrating their efforts along 94th avenue, where this latest deadly shooting occurred. police still
a jumpsuit and sweatshirt. >>> they call him the super cop and some say he is what oakland needs to fight violent crime. as anne makovec reports not everyone is rolling out the red carpet. >> reporter: he is coming with controversy. last night a committee approved the contract but did not confirm that bratton himself will be the man. the council is looking for alternatives. >> for any city to say they don't do "stop & frisk," i'm sorry they doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. >> that's bill bratton former l.a. and new york police chief a proponent of an officer's right to search anyone if there's reasonable suspicion the person is involved in criminal activity. with murder rates at alarming levels in oakland including four last friday alone the council is considering a $250,000 contracted to hire bratton to help out. those were protestors at the city council meeting last night saying "stop & frisk" unfairly targets minorities by allowing officers to harass whoever they want just because they suspect the person is up to no good. stats from
>>> we are live in oakland where police had just done a raid on this home. >>> another cold one out there. what about any sun, clouds, or showers? we'll talk about that as we look into the weekend. >>> we're live from san jose where they are celebrating their first direct flight to asia in several years. but questions are being asked about the 757. we'll tell you about the investigation being launched today. >>> plus overnight news for marin county. officers still on the scene of a deadly attack. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day friday, january 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us again this morning. it is friday, it is cold. let's check in with steve. >> it is cold, breezy you two. a lot of 30s and 40s. if it wasn't for that breeze it would be colder. couple showers possible. i think even inland could be a little bit more in the way of cloud buildups today. upper 40s and low 50s. here is sal. >>> traffic on highway 4 bay point you can see it moving along pretty well. san franci
. >>> we are live in oakland where swat teams moved in on a home. what they were looking for and why they can't comment on the case just yet. >> right now the fda holding a news conference on the safety problems with the dream liner jet. this hours before a 787 makes a ground breaking flight here in the bay area. >> police in marin city remain here at the scene trying to find who shot and killed a 17- year-old boy who was just visiting his family. what his family said about why they think he was killed. you will hear from them coming up. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> it's friday january 11th. we start with breaking news from oakland. that's where a series of police raids are being carried out this morning. we are in own oakland neighborhood where investigators moved in hours ago. what's going on? >> reporter: well oakland police just took off. behind me here is the home that they were targeting they were talking to the people inside there for quite some time. we understand they didn't make any arrests here. office
. >> just a few hours ago the oakland city council voted to bring in a police consultant who many fear could conduct racial profiling. coming up i will tell you why many african- american ministers say it is a good idea. >> a live look from washington we're monitoring the latest from secretary of state clinton getting ready to testify about the benghazi attack of the u.s. consulate. >> we will have the details coming up. >> what is going on weather and traffic erica. >> off and on line for santa rosa and petaluma. light showers in livermore valley portions of interstate 80 and driving our the altamonte pass. >> the bulk of the moisture is heading off shore. it is on satellite and radar view. this is a north to south system and our pushing in from the south. it is not as cold as what we actually saw for the last few system. this weekend at of arctic air associated with it. it will be a colder rain for saturday and sunday. focusing on today's wet weather probably trace amounts may be a 10th of an edge of a heart of the bay area. you will need to use your umbrella. it is 7:01 a.m. it is time fo
warmer than yesterday. we are on a seasonally warm. oakland climbing to 62 degrees. 64 for santa rosa. low sixties for vallejo livermore, pleasanton 63 in san jose. satellite and radar shows high pressure in control for now over us however, a cold air mass will hit the bay area as we head into tomorrow. not much of moisture associated with the system. it will be cold. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a 30 percent chance of showers. into the rest of the week some sunshine mid-level clout. temperatures in the mid-50s. the potential for more rain as we head into your sun deck. >> that is a look at your extended forecast. in the meantime let's take it to the traffic desk. >> the national weather service institis a dense fog advisory i have not seen any by the chp. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza no problem out of oakland into the city. >> overnight construction on the upper deck shutting down one lane but not producing any slowdowns. >> the san mateo bridge the west bound trip looking good no problems to alert you to. >> south bound 101 t
escaped custody. he was being driven to highland hospital in oakland for a routine appointment. the alameda sheriff's department says at some point during the ride from jail to the hospital, he got out of the leg irons and waist and hand restraints. as soon as he got to the hospital, he took off running. police found his jail clothes. >>> detectives are on the scene of the city's latest homicide. it comes at a critical time when officials have a key deadline in a battle that could end with the feds taking control of the police department. jodi hernandez joins us live in oakland and, jodi, this is exactly what mayor kwan and the chief don't want. >> reporter: i can tell you we, for now, are on the scene of a homicide just on the other side of the park here. homicide investigators are investigating a body. someone called in about 3:00 this afternoon saying there was a body laying in the roadway. mean while, as you mentioned, scenes like that have become all too common here in the city of oakland. but some unprecedented help could be on the way. oakland some side investigators are
we'll have the full forecast in just a minute. >>> the city of oakland is dealing with day of violence as four people were killed in separate shootings yesterday. all within a six-hour period. the most recent happened at around 8:00 last night in the 9400 block of hillside street on the city's east side. a man was found dead inside a home. the other three shootings happened yesterday afternoon spanning from west to east oakland. investigators aren't saying when the shootings are related or if -- saying whether the shootings are related or if there are any arrests. >>> an autopsy will be done on a body found in sonoma county found at the novado disposal service. cbs 5 reporter juliette goodrich and on how investigators believe how the body got there. >> reporter: tonight investigators are trying to determine if the body found here at the novato disposal center was a homicide or an accidental death. workers at the recycling center discovered a man's body this afternoon in a recycling bin. the man's body had some signs of trauma according t
with news out of oakland that is where police have arrested one person but are still searching for two others after an officer shot in the arm during a confrontation last night. >> according to investigators, it happen in the 1700 block of seminary avenue in oakland. this is google art map of the area where happen. >> police shut down the surrounding blocks last night. >> the area is still shut down this morning as the manhunt continues. >> oakland police say their undercover officer was in his car following up on a shooting that happen sunday when someone shot him in the arm. >> so far, the police have given very little inflation. >> we have activated our swat team and some of our other neighboring agencies. we also asked by with patrol for their support. we want to ask the community to continue to be vigilant spirit. please contact the oakland police if you have informations. >> neighbors who live in the area of seminary avenue say that the pilot needs to end. >> the officials need to take heed to what is happening in our city. it is like a war zone. >> officer is being treated for n
. fall >>> this is bay area news at seven and we begin tonight with developing news in oakland where two people are in custody in connection with a house fire burning right now near china town. now, the flames 90 minutes ago and quickly grew to two alarms. it is building in a hous621 harris son street. crews have been fighting the fire from the ground and from the roofs of near by buildings. oakland police detained two people who reportedly were skwating in the house. we also heard one person was hurt, the extent of that person's injuries are is not clear right now >>> it's not much of a rain maker but the weather caused traffic problems around the area. an suv flipped over on corona road. the driver had minor injuries between noon and 3:00 p.m. today the highway parole responded to 33 incidents. most of them were weather related. >>> here's a live look at traffic on interstate 80 from the camera parole. motor oil ma have aaccumulated on the roads. it all adds up to accidents and we've seen showers off and on lingering into the evening. chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with ju
're following this tuesday morning. and oakland police officer has been shot after following up on another shooting. we will have a live report from the scene coming up. >> we're taking a live look from our mount tam camera. a good start to this tuesday morning. first let us get to the traffic desk. >> we are tracking problems continuing on 101 a northbound direction chains. our hot spot is an accident on the bayshore freeway north of 92 door avenue backing up the traffic court ralston on the bayshore freeway. as we worked to clear the crash to ease the congestion coming off of the san mateo bridge at 92 in the west bound direction. >> also continue to watch the bay bridge which was an early morning hot spot. some improvement especially for the 880 approach. if the east shore freeway is slow all the way from golden gate fields. that is a long ride of a total east shore freeway drive time is 23 minutes. that is better than normal. >> the ride coming out of the macarthur maize is backed up to the 24 split. that is not leading to the bay bridge. it is leading to the east shore freeway. the ba
to the recycling center and a recycling truck. they say there are no obvious signs of trauma. >> meanwhile, oakland police conducted several raids on friday in an effort to crack down on the city's crime wave. oakland has suffered an escalating problem with violence including the homicide that you see here. a woman in a man were shot is that went through a drive-through restaurant. police launched operation cease-fire is to try to stem the violence. in the raid, police say, that they detained six people and confiscated guns and other evidence. >> we have kept our promise and we want people to know that when they commit crimes we will do whatever is and our authority to come after you. we do want to make sure that the violence in scary it as you know a lot of our violent offenders are repeat offenders. we like to put an end to this. the community deserves this, and they have asked for it. they are working with the police to make sure that this does not keep happening. our come in the members want to address this violence. >> it is unclear how many will be arrested in raids but they stated that these
on the streets of oakland as police investigate four deadly shootings that all happened within a six hour span. the most recent killing happened at 8:15 tonight on the 900 block of hillside. they found a male suffering from a fatal gunshot wound he was pronounced dead on the scene. there are reports that as many as 30 shots were fired. the chp assisted police in the search for several suspects seen running from that area. >>> late this afternoon police responded to reports of shots fired in the 3400 block of west street in west oakland. it was about 4:15 when officers arrived on the scene. they say by then the victims were gone. he had somehow been transported to the hospital where he later died. about an hour earlier at 3:00 this afternoon a man was found dead of gunshot wounds near diamond park in the glen view district. police reported a man down. police are calling this a homicide but there is no further information. and yet another shooting happened around 2:30 this afternoon in the 2300 block of east 17th street. police said the victim was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was c
. ktvu tara moriarty is at the scene of police activity. it's happening in oakland. what is going on out there? >> reporter: we're not going to say exactly where we are. this operation is still under way. oakland police are doing a raid on this block you see behind me. there are emergency personnel out here. this is one of many raids going on this morning. we are told this operation one of the riskiest. these are alleged gang members and that weapons, drugs that sort of thing is being confiscated right now. the helicopter has been above us since before 5:00 this morning. that is when swat teams moved in and told the people inside of this home to get out. neighbors did report hearing a loud boom. we are not sure if that is a door being kicked in or flash grenades were being used. there is a tactical unit at the top of the street along with an ambulance. oakland police remaining tight lipped who these people are. once the raid is over and the evidence has been seized we'll be learning more about this operation. this is one of the biggest raids happening in the city of oakland. live from oa
7 news joins us in oakland with details. >> after a mass shooting the senator was able to get an assault weapons ban passed through congress but the law expired after 0 years when congress refused to renew it. now, senator feinstein is back with new legislation she says will put some curves on military style assault weapon autos we prohibit 158 named military-style firearms. >> the bill would ban the sale, transfer, imfor taigs, and manufacturing ever the assault weapon ronz. also limiting the size of ammunition clips to no more than 10 bullets. senator durbin called on them to speak out. >> we need to have your validation. of what we're setting out to do. >> if you look at what they mean, what they do, they have no place in a city like oakland. >> national rifle association is responding by daying the first ban didn't work. why should we have another? tonight at 6:00 we'll hear from the chief here in oakland. his answer to the nra. reporting from oakland city hall, abc 7 news. >> and the nra went further releasing this statement in response to senator feinstein's bill. it's d
larry reid. is oakland ever going to figure this out? >> to be honest with you, probably not in my lifetime. but hopefully at some point we'll figure it out. >> reporter: now, the bratton contract isn't the only point of controversy when it comes to police at city hall. a measure by two of the counsel sell members including larry reid to spend money to hire in sheriff's deputies to help with patrolling drawing opposition from of all people the police officers union, which says the money is better spent on cops already in oakland. it just goes to show, in this city, everyone has a position and rarely do they mesh together even on the most vital issues. >> what's next on this consultant issue, phil, whether it's bratton or somebody else? when will we find out who it is? >> next tuesday at the council meeting, it comes up again. it's going to promise to be an even livelier meeting if you want to call it that than the one last night and it is going to be the big question is whether they go with this or not. but that's the next one next tuesday. >>>
>> reporter: and active manhunt continues in this oakland neighborhood as police try to track down two armed men wanted in connection with the shooting of a police officer. >>> it's shocking. nothing like that ever happens around here. >> gunfire in a usually quiet bay area neighborhood. the reason police are surprised about the victim. >> reporter: san jose had celebrated the arrival of its first international carrier but now operations are at a standstill. we'll tell you the airline's latest announcement and the mess it's causing for travelers. >>> back to work after a holiday. traffic times are up, especially at some of the key commutes. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. tori campbell is in washington, d.c. on assignment and dave clark has the day off today. >>> in overnight news, a manhunt continues in oakland for two suspects who shot and wounded a police officer. that shooting happened at seminary and east 17th street last night shortly before 6:30. ktvu's alex savidge has been there since 4:30 this morning tells us police have b
this plan on how to combat crime in oakland. part of the plan talks about binging a controversial figure to implement changes. >> reporter: leaders say oakland is in need of a local state of emergency. >> i am afraid as a parent, citizen and elected official. >> reporter: on any given night there are only 40 police officers working to protect the city of 400,000. >> reporter: last night the committee recommended a contract to pay $250,000 to help battle crime but stopped short of saying if willian bratton will lead the charge. >> did reserve the right to have further discussion of who the subcontractors can be. >> reporter: next week the counsel will decide on the contract and his possible future in oakland. if approved he would serve as one of three consultants. >> it would be for the chief to decide which recommendation to take and for the counsel and mayor to decide what policies to pass. >> reporter: things need to happen fast. at the end of the month the contract with chp is set to expire. they are asking the governor to allow the officers to stay a little longer. the mayor is in wa
in oakland. low '40's and hayward. by 8:00 a.m. holding on to '30's. we struggle to get out of the frigid temperatures. the rest of the bay sitting comfortably in the '40's. at lunchtime the green starts to build on your screen indicates where lows 60s will develop. mild conditions later tonight by 8:00 p.m. we're talking a mixing up upper '40's and '50's. as i brought down the afternoon highs in your neighborhood. like yesterday it will be like to day. >> 664 campbell, los gatos. 65 for sunnyvale and santa clara. 62 in fremont. the east bay not as warm overall mild lows 60s for concord, pittsburgh, danville. 61 in pleasanton. to the north bay petaluma at 62. a degree cool for downtown san francisco. oakland at 62. 61 in vallejo. those of you heading to tahoe freezing fog for the next couple of mornings. we will see sunshine into the afternoon leak into the forecast in your afternoon highs in the upper '40's. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights the nice weather on tap this weekend. and look at your afternoon highs miles spots, mid '60s. the warmer spot could get close
to 32. 42 in oakland. 47 in redwood city. 42 san jose. chilly start in sebastopol. 40 degrees in hillsburg to the east bay. 35 degrees for you in walnut creek. the winds again generally light. calm in napa as well as santa rosa. just a light breeze in oakland. livermore reporting calm conditions. it's right along the coastline and hills reporting gusty conditions. north westerly flow already settling in. that is drawing us out. that is why we are not seeing any fog out there. drier conditions already in place. we are seeing the cooler numbers as well. see just a little bit of moisture here dancing around unsettled weather in the forecast for today. should i mention that? it's almost an after thought. we have been seeing mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be cooler. this system bringing colder air into the area. already settling in. filling it this morning and by the afternoon in addition to breezy conditions we can expect our temperatures to be below average. take a look at what i do expect for san rafael. 53 for san francisco. 54 in hayward. low to mid 50s in the north bay
saturday and sunday. back to you. >> all right. thank you. coming up a fire destroys a home in oakland. the reason investigators are now focusing on squatters. >> we are live in san jose where we have found a new lead in the case of an attempted kidnapping. what has taken police so long to find about this potential suspect. >> and the lengths some homeowners are going to for a parking space. . >>> welcome back. time now is 7:59, we have new information about the search for the man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old. police say the girl was walking near east saint james street early friday morning when a man grabbed her and dragged her into a driveway. we just learned about a possible new lead from a neighbor. >> reporter: yeah. she said her husband when he found about this suspect he called police. he let them know he had an idea of who this person could actually be. he didn't call earlier because nobody knew about this case until recently and that's because police withheld the information for a week because of the hopes that -- happened last week by a woman who said someone tried to
. hayward says a little bit of patchy fog and 36 degrees. offshore breeze mainly, oakland has one and one at half moon bay. inland, it's still going to stay in the 50s. some of that fog makes it tough along with the east breeze. there's a 12-degree difference between plan hill and vallejo at the same time. it gives you an idea of what's going on. 50s for some. low 60s for others. 60 novato. and then 54 antioch to 62 oakland. alameda, 60. but livermore, 55. 63 balmy degrees, milpitas, santa clara, 60. half moon bay, daly city, same think. it will be close for menlo park and redwood city and san francisco. not much of a change. but other than that, it's a dry forecast. >>> there's shock and confusion this morning at notre dame. a football star bound for the nfl says he was duped by an elaborate hoax. mike tobin is live at the fox news bureau in chicago. it's about a made-up girlfriend from stanford university. mike? >> reporter: whether it's a convoluted scam or prank or a convoluted attack on promotion, somebody is laying on the blarney. the only thing that's clear at this station of the g
. a little breeze as well. antioch, 33. low 40s. oakland in there, hayward, redwood city, mountain view and even san jose. a little bit more cloud cover. 7 up in tahoe. 34 sacramento. 27 in ukiah, and a lot of 20s in lake county. tonight will be really cold. the system, it's rotating and accelerating into southern california. it will take the cloud cover with it. mostly sunny today. breezy and cool. there it goes. that cloud cover did produce a few little showers. mostly sunny but there will be a no doubt about it north wind in place and that means chilly and breezy. maybe one of those days when you are in the sun. you hit that breeze and shade. 50s on the temperatures. and not much change. 50 to 55. coolest temperatures inland. warmest temperatures will be closer to the bay an also the coast but really there's not gonna be too much of a difference in these 54 and 55s and they don't last long. the system is leaving behind cool air. for wednesday, already a frost and freeze advisory. it will be cold and sunny. the little system will give us some higher clouds, mid-level clouds on thursda
. the hospital is located on east 31 street just south of abc 7 news is live in oakland with more now. nick? >> larry good, afternoon, police say the man they're looking for has a lengthy criminal history. í well, and may have had help escaping from police after making a run. they describe him as dangerous. police are looking for this man. a 31-year-old anthony hodgins. -- hodgkins. he escaped from deputies transporting him from the jail to the hospital, just before 10:00 a.m. and remains on the run. police say he likely planned his escape and an quickly when seeing a chance. >> we believe he man nip plating the skbaift leg restraints he was put in. so when he got here, he was able to take off, running. >> sky 7 hd was above the search. police officers stormed roof tops and we'ved through yards using k 9 units. >> the deputy able to chase him at this point. lost track, then, we're able to find his clothe autos officials say it's very dangerous and familiar with oakland. they're considering the possibility he may have had help after he ran. his uniform found not far from the hospital, sugge
at oakland walgreens. when the robber came out shooting, he was hit. 8 times. >> kind of ironic. but i did choose oakland on the basis that i kind of miss the action. >>reporter: now after nearly a dozen surgery the 31-year-old officer can walk but only with a cain. standing for any length of time is difficult. but he's moving on and this team from home depot is helping with complete renovation of his yard. >> we are just trying to make his yard a place that he can enjoy himself. so we are diagnose a lot low maintenance a astro turf, fire pit and pergola and paver patio. >> volunteer to come out and donate their time to do all the stuff that needs to be done. >>reporter: when this is finished he will be able to safely use his out door area. another small step in a long process of recovery for the young veteran. >> awesome because all the people around here have been thanking me for my service but look at the service that they are providing for their own community. >>reporter: you can see putting the finishing touch open new gazebo 0back there non-profit group called hands on bay area
in oakland. 29 in fairfield. 29 in santa rosa. lower '30's for vallejo and napa. through the course of today future cast 4 predicts 8:00 a.m. the purple on your screen indicates '30's for the most part. we will hold on to the '40's were san francisco, hayward, and parts of the coastline. 12:00 p.m. it looks like a lot of locations climb into the 50s. in to the afternoon highs on the light blue indicates most of us in the '50s. temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer compared to yesterday's. >> napa 54 degrees. the same for vallejo. livermore at 53. san jose could get up to 57. 55 in sunnyvale. satellite and radar shows high-pressure and control not dealing with any clouds cover. the storm track will be guided to our north. originally we talk about spin off the north bay on thursday however, i do not think that will be a possibility. yesterday's we mentioned the rain chance for saturday. again, this is changing the direction of the storm track. it looks to be dry through saturday. the next chance for rain in sunday heading into monday. temperatures will be a little bit more. >> that i
san jose coming in at 57, 55 for oakland and hayward, 54 for san francisco. satellite and radar show high pressure and control reaching as over the west coast. we will not see any rain like we originally thought on thursday, saturday as well looks to be a dry one. the first opportunity for some rain as saturday morning but there is a good chance the moisture will stay off shore. 7 day around the bay extended forecast, tranquil weather for the next string of days. temperatures on the up. we're climbing to the upper 50s and unfortunately it will not be as cold for the next couple of days. and lows are only dropping to the upper 30's. 7:17 a.m. and on to traffic. >> we have been monitoring a multi card traffic crash and it hasn't cleared from the lanes of the nimitz freeway. it is completely gone. i just checked with chp and they'd tell me that all of the vehicles and towed trucks have left the scene. it did create a delay on 880 southbound but it is likely that this will clear fairly quickly as traffic is so light. light enough in fact that even with the metering lights active at the b
there and still below freezing as well in napa. oakland right now low 40s. concord coming in slightly above freezing at 35. the national weather service kept the freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect for much of the bay area. it's going to be cold inland, up in the north bay and in the east bay interior valleys and frost advisories right around the bay. so temperatures could reach into the low 20s or upper 20s to low 30s. still could continue to dip closer to sunrise and if the winds continue to die down. forecasted highs by this afternoon we are expected to see upper 40s to low 50s once again struggling to get into the 50-degree reading mark. otherwise, over the next several days we have another cold morning on tap for tomorrow. in fact, the frost advisories have already been posted for tomorrow morning. and then sunday a ridge of high pressure builds. we have a slight warming trend beginning for next week. and plenty of sunshine and clear skies. that is a check of your weather headlines. for more on your traffic, here gianna. >> slight warmin
at oakland's laney college flea market. stolen computers and other items end up here for sale. >> do you know it's a felony to sell stolen merchandise? >> all i know is that i work here. >> reporter: she e-mailed the pictures to the user and demanded she return the computer. it worked. >> she said she spent the morning crying because she was so upset about it. >> reporter: the family is out the $800 they paid for that stolen computer. the gallery owner offered to pay for half because he figured they were all victims. the family thanked them and said no thank you because they figured they learned a tough lesson. police say they don't have the resources to msht monitor what goes -- to monitor what goes on in those flea markets. >>> it's boeing's most technologically advanced aircraft. but tonight too many problems have them all grounded. this is a 787 taking off from snow last week. the grounding follows a number of emergency land beings and other problems. cbs reporter randall pinkston on the issues turning the dreamliner into a bit of a nightmare. >> reporter: the faa ordered all boeing 787 d
mark. 39 in san carlos. we are warmer than yesterday in hayward and oakland coming in at 43 degrees. remember these are not your morning lows. temperatures will continue to drop as we push in closer to sunrise. but us get your head lines as we head into the afternoon expected mostly sunny, warm conditions. a good mix of fifties and sixties around the bay. into the evening hours it will make clear and not as cold as some of the previous night. >> a lot of communities by 8:00 p.m. will be in the low 50s and upper '40's. overall pleasant forecast for the next two to four hours. >> here is something we have not seen for quite some time is the fog. >> i guess you could not see anything in some spots. 5 mi. for the navato spirit for for those of you in santa rosa. >> as at all is clear. i do not expect any flight delays that-sfo is clear. >> the south bay numbers, los gatos 66. 65 in the arm and valley. it will be warm for this time of year. that dashed almedan valley. >> 57 expected in pleasanton. to the north bay a sunny day ahead of us. 61 for petaluma. downtown san francisco sitting
investigation. 2 people were arrested. >>> oakland police praising community for anonymous tips that led to the arrest of 2 suspected bank robbers. this is a story only on 7 news. earlier this month police ask for public help identifying a bank robber we showed you this pick. the request came through oakland new text alert system. within hours somebody texted the name of someone who looked like this man and he was arrested soon after. >> hopeful that using a system that provides anonymous message for community members to become engaged and just say enough is enough and report names and instances where firearm violence is involved. that's really the goal here. >> last october oakland police the first agency in the country actual hi to begin using the so-called tip watch system. >> still to come tonight. remembering a bay area treasure. look back at san treasure. look back at san francisco most famous twins"x?1 >> san francisco legend has passed away. or more accurately half of legendary team. jonathan has more on 75 i don't know brown one of the famous san francisco twins who is s
us aware of this. >> reporter: everyone should know who the coordinator is at oakland unified. it's posted online and at school. but of the 26 principals we e-mailed, only one knew the answer. >> yes, that's definitely concerning that more principals weren't aware who the title ix coordinator is. obviously this points to a need about training and education in this area. >> reporter: as for san francisco -- it hasn't been brought to us as a concern by a parent or student, so if it is, we'll absolutely look into it. >> reporter: if a parent was to bring it to you, then it would be in. >> we have shared all about your rights and responsibilities. >> reporter: and after talking with us for just ten minutes -- >> all right. well, thank you very much. >> reporter: so that's it? no more questions? >> that's it. thank you. >> reporter: she walked out. >> we definitely need more education, more insight to make sure that title ix is being followed. >> and we found this telling. we sent more than 200 e-mails to bay area schools. a few did pass the test and identify the title ix coordinator,
series, and we're told they occasionally pop in over in oakland for a raider game. >> police want to you take a look at a sketch of a man wanted for trying to snatch a 3-year-old girl out of her mother's arms. here it s police say it is critical to get this man off the streets before he strikes again. the mother says the man began chet chathing with them around 5:30 last night. >> he kneeled down to talk to my 3-year-old picked her up by her ankles and started to pull her from me. her bots fell off, pants coming off. he was pulling hard. >> neighbors say they did not hear or see anything out of the ordinary police say they're canvassing the area is a follow up on every lead possible. our concern is that if he's willing to be as brazen as he was yesterday evening, who is to say he won't do this again. >> here is a look at the sketch again, police describe the man as about 20, 30 years old, five foot six with a thin build. the mother says he smelled like motor oil. >> the fbi is refusing to say why it raided a real estate office this afternoon but sky 7 was overhead. agents removed boxes a
in oakland tonight where an all-out manhunt is under way for a jail escapee. police have been searching yards in neighborhoods near highland hospital all day long. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us the suspect shed his jail clothes. >>> reporter: deputies ran from house to house with their guns drawn near highland hospital searching for a violent jail escapee. alameda county sheriff's deputies, oakland police, bart police and state parole agents locked down a 10-block area to search for this man, 31-year- old anthony hoskins. deputies say the landscaping made the search difficult. >> you have yards that are not symmetrical. there's a lot of overgrowth. >> reporter: sources say he was facing a long prison term for a number of robberies and kidnappings. my sources believe he might have faked his medical condition so he could leave santa rita jail where he had been locked up since july. investigators are trying to figure out how he freed himself from his waist and leg shackles in the car on the way to highland. >> absolutely they're locked. so we are trying
upper 40s, low 50s. 53 in oakland. 51 in fremont. and here's a look at your forecast. over the next several days, yeah, kind of quiet except for those really cold mornings. by the way they already have the freeze warnings and the frost advisories in effect for tomorrow morning, as well. could be the coldest temperatures of the season so far and then sunshine monday through thursday. >> all right. we like sunshine. >> we do. but it's still going to be cold. no 60s. >> i was just looking at the forecast on the east coast in boston. they are in the 50s out there right now. we're freezing here. >> that's not too bad. >> what's up with that? >> i know. >> thank you, elizabeth. >>> in this morning's healthwatch, changes are coming for some of america's most popular sleeping pills. turns out, they work a bit too well. the fda is requiring makers of ambien and similar sleeping pills to lower the dosages. the problem, increased risk of injury due to morning drowsiness. specifically, we're talking car accidents. regulators want the recommended dosage
donald of oakland is scrambling to find affordable airfare so she can fly out. >> this time, it's less of a euphoric experience. now, i think we're a little bit older and wiser, in a sense. we've been bruised, and battered a little bit. >> reporter: a second term, she says is time to get the work done. >> i see these events, very sober events. this is history in the making. and this is a great opportunity for all of us to have a second term with the president that we love to try and get things right. >> reporter: both women tell me, they're thrilled to see the president take the oath again. they say they're looking forward to do more work to help carry out the president's vision. >>> more details now. the president's second term begins on january 20 as mandated by a constitutional amendment. only a private swearing in is scheduled for that day. at monday's public ceremony, john roberts will administer the oath of office, but that traditional ceremony is at the capitol. it's only purely for show. tori campbell will be in washington, d.c., bringing us live reports beginning sunday on mornings on 2. >>
. >>> two families are suing oikos university over last years deadly shooting rampage in oakland. seven people died when suspected gunman juan koa opened fire. the lawsuit was filed in alameda county yesterday by families of two of the victims. the school should have known he was to pose a serious danger to students because of the disagreements he had with the university staff beforehand. >>> school safety is now a big issue at bay area schools following the deadly shooting in newtown, connecticut. just yesterday a student was injured in a school shooting in california. >>> the super bowl may not necessarily mean super returns for santa clara. the new 49er stadium is one of the three finalists to host the big game in 2016 or 2017. but the mercury news reports the nfl has given santa clara a new lists of demands. they include tax breaks and leasing the stadium and local venues at much lower rates than normal. santa clara leaders are meeting to discuss if the city can make any money. >>> green bay packers fans are starting to arrive in the bay area. it's hard to miss them. they are decked
in hopes of getting an $800,000 artifact returned to the oakland museum. the gold box stolen in the museum's second break-in in just two months. >>> and it's the annual warning from health officials. get your flu shots. they say flu season could be very bad this year. hospitals in some states are crowded because of so many flu cases especially out in the midwest. >>> traffic and weather coming up after the break. stay right there. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >>> good morning. towards the bay bridge, just your usual commute, unfortunately, it is back to work and you can see everyone there approaching the macarthur maze. that is where traffic is stacked up to for about a 20- minute wait to get you on the span. metering lights are on. elsewhere, westbound 237 is improved a bit near the 880 interchange for silicon valley commuters in san jose. an accident near candlest
woman. i'm going to have a lot of fun with this one. >> breaking news is in oakland where authorities are searching for a prisoner who escaped from highland hospital. this is a live picture over the scene. lots of police are down there right now. the hospital is located on east 31st street. the almeda county sheriff's department is leading the search. some of them standing on the roof right there. we haven't received information about the prisoner who escaped other than the fact that he is dangerous. we have crews on the way to the scene. we'll have more information as soon as it becomes available. >> the federal aviation administration announced this morning that it is launching a comprehensive review of the boeing dream drome because of mechanical problems. this is happening at the same time the airport is welcoming the japan airliner floit to tokyo. >> the flight is scheduled to leave at 11:45. the parges were not nervous about the new airplane. they will get comfort and see a famous passenger that is traveling with them and said he feels fully confident in the 787. boeing calls th
view. six for oakland. again it depends on where you're located. fog continues to form. a great start to the morning and some spots fog tracker 4 shows into the 8:00 hour dealing with cloudy conditions. by lunchtime the fog will start to lift expect clear skies sunshine and temperatures a bit warmer than what we were yesterday. we're talking plenty of 60s today. mountain view coming in at 62. the same for palo alto. lows 60s for sunnyvale and santa clara. 63 in los gatos. to the east bay upper 50s for fairfield concord. 61 in danville. a sunny day in store for the north bay. napa hitting 62 degrees at 58 for san francisco. high- pressure in control of the changes to talk about. we're tracking a system that will drive down from the gulf of alaska. not too much moisture associated with the system. some spots could remain completely dry. the bigger story is the cool air mass that will usher in to the bay area. it will get chilly some of the chilliest tippers we have seen all season. your afternoon highs and that as chilliest temperature erse--chilliest temperatures. the chance for unsett
. they paid $800 for the computer at oakland's lady college flea market. a recent cbs 5 investigation, showed how things end up here for sale. >> do you know what the felony to sell stolen merchandise? >> reporter: she e-mailed the pictures to the user and demanded she return the computer it worked. >> she said she spent the morning crying because she was so upset. >> reporter: the family is out the $800 they paid for that stolen computer gallery owner here offered to pay half saying all of them are victims but the family said no thank you we learned a tough lesson if it sounded too good to be true it was. police say they just don't have the resources to monitor what goes on at these flee markets. in san francisco, linda yee. >>> a mom held on to her 2-year- old daughter for dear life to stop a kidnap fresh running off with her. tonight that man is still on the loose. a look at this guy kiet. >> reporter: he looked just like how you would think someone would look, suspicious the mom tells police, that the way he was acting around her young children
. >> this morning we have high resolution photos of the historic artifact that was stolen in a robbery at oakland museum of california. this bold jewelery box was crafted sometime in the late 1800's. it was stolen on january the ninth. it was initially a wedding gift from an early california pioneer to his wife. bart effect is estimated to cost about $800,000. there is a $12,000 reward for any information that may leads police back to the box. >> new this morning, and the international olympic committee had stripped last armstrong of his bonds metal from the 2000 sydney olympics because of his involvement and doping. two officials say that i old seat sent a letter to armstrong on the last night asking him to return the metal. the move came after the i o c was notified by cycling and governing bodies that armstrong had not appealed the decision to disqualify him. ong's admitted during an interview with oprah winfrey if that he had used performance enhancing drugs to help him win seven tour de france titles all of which has been stripped. the interview airs tonight on one freeze zero w and network.
straight through the week. >>> oakland police are busy investigating four separate shootings that left four people dead. the shootings spanned different neighborhoods of the city from west oakland to deep east oakland and all took place within a span of about six hours, starting yesterday afternoon. this is the scene from the fourth shooting which happened around 8:15 last night on hillside street, not far from bishop o'dowd high school. the man pronounced dead at the scene. as of now there are no arrests in any of the killings. it is oakland's sixth homicide of the new year, all of which happened this week. >>> a showdown over gun control laws is taking center stage right here in the bay area this morning. gun show in daly city is the focus of people on both sides of the issue. up to 10,000 people are expected to crowd into the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace this weekend and they can expect plenty of protesters to greet them. the show includes more than 150 vendors selling everything from guns and ammunition to knives and jewelry. crossroads official attendance at the sh
or this was a random act. oakland police and released a sketch of a become suspect and all the and attempted kidnapping of a 25 year-old woman. the victim was walking near the fruit belt bart station when police say a stranger grabbed her and tried to force her into a nearby car. the victim managed to escape and reported seeing at least two to three african-american males inside the waiting car. the suspect is described as being as early 20s and standing 57 tall. san jose police asking for the public's help in solving the city's first homicide of the year. it happened january fed on tripoli ave. little evidence is leaving little for police to go on. there are no suspects and no motive has been identified. the victim is identified as their year-old e-von segura. he worked as a barber at as family and white say he did not have any enemies. >> accounting is of the 49ers are gearing up to the is the atlanta falcons this sunday and the last hurdle on the road to the super bowl. i was as a bit excited all week in stores have been struggling to keep the no. 7 jersey on the shelves. a season ago the niners bea
, 880 a little slow and go from hayward towards downtown oakland. >>> lots of sunshine around the bay area today clear all the way to the coastline a little hazy in spots and again those temperatures getting chilly. seeing a little breeze blowing out there we're seeing some temperatures moderate approaching the coastline. numbers though yeah, down to the freezing mark in fare field at 27. 27 in santa rosa. 35 degrees in san jose. 40s into san francisco. 50s and mid-60s this afternoon. sign of warmer weather over the next few days through the weekend. >>> good morning, everybody. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." notre dame says football star man taiti te'o is the victim of a hoax after learning his online girlfriend who inspired him is not a real person. te'o calls it a sick joke. some of the v.i.p. hotel packages for the inauguration are pretty hard to believe. what can you get for a very high price? we'll show you. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >>> the algerian operations had started to retake the faci
-30's around the bay shore and mid-40's around oakland and san francisco. today is "spare the air" with sunshine and a lot of us getting to 60. >> good morning, everyone. good news from fremont where we had a head on collision at the mission street off-ramp southbound 880 which has been cleared. the roadway is wide open southbound 880 at mission. we have road work eastbound four left lane is blocked until 6:00 a.m. westbound is good with the commute direction from antioch no delays moving to pittsburg. road work south 101 at the seminary exit, just beyond that exit, through mill valley until 6:00. kristen and eric? >> developing news for a second day, a flight between tokyo and silicon valley is canceled as the grounding of the boeing 787 dreamliner expands around the world. we are live in san jose airport with the latest move against the problem-plagued dreamliner. >> good morning. if you have plans to catch the flight from san jose for japan tomorrow, it is not happening. the airlines will rebook you through san francisco. be sure to check with the airline. the dreamliners are s
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